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Martha Stewart loves wine, but she won't drink it before dinner — here's why

The 76-year-old lifestyle guru has one rule when it comes to drinking: never before dinner.
/ Source: TODAY

Martha Stewart loves wine — she even has her own wine company where she picks her favorite bottles, pairs them to meals and has them shipped right to your door. But the 76-year-old lifestyle guru has a rule when it comes to tasting them: never before dinner.

In a new interview with The Cut, Stewart says that she just can’t day drink anymore. “I remember when I was a stockbroker, we used to have drinks at lunch,” she said. “And I couldn’t do that now for anything.”

When she does tastings of alcoholic beverages for her company, Stewart says she has to do them at the end of the day. And when she’s just consuming for her own enjoyment, she says you’ll find her having only a glass or a glass and a half of wine at dinner. “I don’t drink a lot,” she said. “But I love good wine.”

Stewart also loves her cappuccinos. In fact, she has one every morning. “I’ll have my half-shot of cappuccino, a small one, with whole milk,” she said in the interview. “I like to have either a soft-boiled egg, a four-minute egg, from my chickens, or I have a bowl of wheat germ or a bowl of spelt [for breakfast].”

She also told TODAY Food last year that she likes to start her day with homemade green juice using vegetables from her farm in Bedford. It’s made with mint, spinach, celery, cucumbers, carrots, maybe a papaya, maybe a piece of pineapple and a piece of ginger.

Besides the green juice, Stewart says she gets her vitamins using supplements. “I take vitamins at different times during the day. I only take what I feel I need that day,” she said. “I take lysine. It’s a natural supplement that is good for stress, and good for nerves and that kind of stuff. It’s very effective.” She also listed vitamin D, calcium and magnesium as some of her go-tos.

And her health-conscious nutrition choices also carry over into other meals of the day. Stewart described her lunch the day of the interview with The Cut, and not only does it sound healthy but also delicious. (I mean, would you expect anything less?)

“I brought in fresh artichokes from my garden,” she dishes. “We steamed artichokes, and we had whole-curd cottage cheese, which was from the farmers’ market; and a salad of fresh corn, red and yellow peppers, and cucumbers; and the artichoke, and a vinaigrette for the artichoke. It was really good.”

Hey Martha, can we come over for lunch? Please?