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Why this cutting board 'hack' is infuriating home cooks

A Canadian publication has quickly become the subject of online ridicule after posting an unusual kitchen tip.
Cutting board hack
/ Source: TODAY

When dicing veggies, many home cooks simply slide the chopped bits right off the edge of the cutting board and into a bowl.

But wait. What if there were an easier, neater and cooler way to approach this difficult task?

The Edmonton Journal, a Canadian newspaper, recently shared a cutting board "hack," claiming that it would solve the problem of little bits of chopped food flying everywhere.

The idea specified using a cutting board's cut-out handle to slide veggies through neatly. "Reader," the paper declared, "the hole has a purpose."

That alleged purpose, however, was not the takeaway on Twitter. The publication's post quickly circulated through Canada and beyond — but not necessarily for its supposedly ingenious revelation. Tweeters, dicers and mincers provided quite a bit of commentary, much of which was criticism.

Some discredited the hack right away.

Others pointed out how the hack would only work for a "very fine dice."

More tweeters spoke to this point and used the opportunity to diss mincing all together.

Truth be told, mincing is not for the faint of heart.

A viral hack to push chopped veggies through the cutting board handle cut-out has tweeters stressing about mincing.Getty Images

One person said that the precise method of pushing the chopped veggies through a tiny hole is just way, way too time consuming.

And then some tweeters stated their opinions, clear and simple.

If Twitter is testament enough, cooks can disregard the journal's hack all together.

However, for those tired of losing a tomato bit or two to the floor every time they hastily sweep veggies off the side of their cutting board ... maybe it's worth a try. To note, if that Kate Hudson-sized cutting board collection consists only of handle-less boards, be sure to snag a top-rated cutting board with a generously sized handle hole.

It should move the process along a little quicker.