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Blueberry-flavored bacon? Shopper thinks Whole Foods has gone too far

Should raw bacon ever be marinated in fruit? Discuss.
/ Source: TODAY

Whole Foods just derailed one bacon lover’s day with a truly unique display of sweet, savory and totally bizarre bacon combinations in one of its California stores.

Liz Pollack lives in Venice, California, so she's used to seeing plenty of different food trends. On Sunday, she went grocery shopping for the week ahead.

“It was Oscar Sunday, which felt like the best possible time to brave the Whole Foods on Lincoln Avenue in Venice, which is normally a nightmare,” Pollack told TODAY Food. She picked up a container of shrimp cocktail for dinner, some oat milk and other necessities before wandering over to the meat section.

“What I beheld next was something I wasn't prepared for,” Pollack said.

While many Whole Foods' stores carry a variety of fresh sausages, organic steaks and marinated raw meats, Pollack's store was selling raw bacon — marinating in a variety of fruits.

“[It was] a plethora of raw bacon options in a series of stomach-turning flavors: maple bacon dripping in syrupy, whole blueberries, apple cinnamon bacon, breakfast coffee bacon covered in coffee grinds and whole beans,” Pollack said. The display case also housed a tray of curried bacon, which admittedly, is probably delicious.

When Pollack first saw the case of uncooked bacon strips, she thought it was gelato. She stood in front of the case for several moments, then took an Instagram video of the sight before she left.

While many breakfast eaters enjoy mixing up their sweet and savory items, Pollack called the syrupy bacon flavors “upsetting.”

“Nothing is sacred, not even the most beloved of breakfast foods,” Pollack lamented. “I mean, look, I am not a picky eater and I consider myself an open-minded person. Some thick-cut bacon with a little seasoning? Sure, no problem. But I don't need you to wow me with variety.”

Pollack’s Instagram followers reacted with similar levels of confusion. According to the manager of the Venice Whole Foods Pollack visited, the marinated bacon display was a regional decision meaning it could be at other Whole Foods in Southern California.

This isn’t the first time Whole Foods has shocked shoppers with questionable foods. Back in 2015, the grocer briefly sold “asparagus water” ... for $6. The drink simply contained three or four stalks of raw asparagus floating in spring water.

In 2016, a Whole Foods in California sold whole, peeled, overpriced oranges in plastic containers.

Only time will tell if these headline-making flavor combos will join the ranks of mac and cheese pizza, taco pasta or french fry cake.