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Whatever happened to Double Pop Popsicles? Justin Bieber demands an answer

This icy summer classic could be back in kids' hands soon thanks to the pop star.
/ Source: TODAY

Remember summers spent breaking and slurping Double Pop Popsicles with friends?

If you're a teenager or younger, you might not.

Double Pop Popsicles and off-brand double-stick ice pops are getting pretty hard to find in supermarkets these days and pop superstar Justin Bieber wants to know why.

Just ahead of Memorial Day (the unofficial start of summer), Bieber tweeted at the Popsicle's brands official account asking for their return.

And it looks like he just might get his wish.

The pop singer wrote that he was talking with his longtime manager, Scooter Braun, and realized they couldn't find the double-stick popsicles any more. (Side note: This writer's kids also love popsicles, but our family hasn't seen the double-stick ones in grocery stores lately, either!)

After chatting with the star, Braun said he scoured the web and couldn't find the pops anywhere.

It turns out that Braun might not be the world's best Googler because TODAY Food was able to find a few options at Schwan's, Walmart, as well as a double-pop mold to make popsicles at home. However, there weren't many options.

Just a day later, Popsicle responded to Bieber and Braun's inquiry, saying that the brand would "see what they could do." Should we hold out hope that they might bring the popular treat back and worship at the altar of the Biebs? A representative for Popsicle did not immediately respond to TODAY when asked if the company would be breaking out the double-stick molds anytime soon.

Lots of Bieber's fans weighed in that they'd love to see Double Pops (which were once branded as Twin Popsicles, too) make a comeback, too.

Popsicle even replied to many who tweeted at them with comments like, "I'll see what we can do" and "We hear you."

At least one person responding to Braun's Instagram post said they weren't a fan of the double-stick version of the frozen treat. "Single sticks are better! I hated trying to split it with my siblings and one side was bigger or the entire thing falls off the sticks," they said. Braun's message? That's basically the point of having something to break.

While the most popular Popsicle flavor is cherry, according to Popsicle, Bieber fans weighed in with their favorite flavors, which included banana and blue (raspberry?) ice pops.

According to Popsicle's website, the famous Double Pops were invented during the Great Depression so kids could each share one Popsicle for just a nickel.

We're guessing Double Pops will be a bit pricier if they're brought back in 2019, but at least we know a few hundred people who seem more than willing to shell out some bucks for the beloved treat.