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What's the worst Halloween candy? One town wants to ban a specific kind

It's started a controversial candy debate!
Halloween candy
/ Source: TODAY

It's inevitable. As soon as trick-or-treaters retire for the night, the annual sorting of the Halloween candy begins. There are some treats that always seem to make the cut to eat right away ... while others get set aside for next year — or even dumped in the trash.

What gets tossed is often highly subjected but what one town in North Carolina is taking a stand on what it says is some of the worst Halloween candy out there: those taffy-like chews wrapped in black and orange waxy wrappers.

Most don't know them by name, but, which listed them as the No. 5 worst Halloween candy, calls them peanut butter kisses.

Last week, the City of High Point posted to its official Facebook and Twitter pages that they were officially banning these candies from being handed out on Oct. 31, saying, "No one likes them, don't give them out."

The post, which now has more than 300 comments and 700 shares, has garnered a lot of attention nationwide ... but most commenters said they actually liked this candy and would happily take any pieces that no one else wanted.

Due to the growing debate, the city later responded that the post was only a joke.

For trick-or-treaters who aren't so keen on this sticky sweet (and happen to live in New York City), Reese's has come up with a fun option: the Candy Exchange Vending Machine.

Users of the machine can simply swap a piece of unwanted candy for a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. The machine will be outside Washington Square Park on Halloween from 4 - 9 p.m. on Halloween.

According to a recent survey conducted by Reese's, 90 percent of Americans say that they have traded or wish they could have traded their unwanted candy on the sweet holiday.

So what other candy horrors are on's list of worst Halloween candies? For some reason, candy corn made the list, which has stirred up its own bit of controversy among TODAY editors.

Actress Ellie Kemper said on the TODAY Show that she used to eat them by the bag when doing homework!

Candy corn

Other items that made the "no" list were those waxy mini soda bottles filled with liquid (Kemper said they tasted like medicine when she tried one on TODAY) and, of course, the marshmallow-y circus peanuts, which Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford and Kemper all agreed were definitely gross.