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What's in Dwayne Johnson's gym bag? Hot dogs and tequila

Johnson's gym bag is full of sweet surprises — and some not-so-sweet ones, too.
therock/Instagram/ NBC
/ Source: TODAY

If Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson eats raw hot dogs after he works out, we will eat raw hot dogs after we work out. (Please don't hold us to that.)

As the king of fitness, Johnson posts frequently on Instagram from the gym, or as he calls it, the "iron paradise." This week's "Motivation Monday" post stuck out, though, because he decided to really open up ... his gym bag. And in it, there were many surprises.

"Really quickly gonna show you guys all the essentials one would need before their work out and certainly all the essentials that I need before my workout here in the iron paradise," he said.

The proud papa-of-three pulled out a Maui doll (the character Johnson voiced for the Disney film "Moana") that his younger daughters stashed in there, a post-workout shake, a beanie and yellow headphones.

So far, so normal. But when Johnson pulled out a plastic baggie full of hot dogs, things got a little strange. Yes, it gets stranger than the former wrestler's love of pineapple pizza.

“They look like hot dogs, but they’re called ‘lion dogs’ and they’re actually made from the intestines and the blood of lions,” he said, unflinchingly. “A little secret, a little workout secret that's a good post-workout snack.”

Dwayne Johnson packs himself an entire bag of raw hot dogs to eat after a workout ... because, well, he's "The Rock."
Dwayne Johnson packs himself an entire bag of raw hot dogs to eat after a workout ... because, well, he's "The Rock."therock/Instagram

To all the lion lovers out there: We're 99.9% positive these are just regular hot dogs made from either beef, pork or poultry. Regardless of meat type, let's just hope there's an ice pack hiding in there, too.

The actor then pulled out a "Trolls" coloring book page with marker scribbled outside the lines and thanked his wife, Lauren, for drawing it.

Clearly, the "Baywatch" star has a few jokes up his sleeve — or, rather, in his gym bag.

The bag also contained a small flask of Johnson's tequila which is slated to launch in 2020. Taking a little swig from it, the actor said another workout secret is a "morning nip" of his tequila. Naturally.

Afterward, he pulled out an action figure (of himself) for his best friend, comedian Kevin Hart — who is in recovery from a recent car accident — and lastly, a magic eight ball.

"Dear magic eight ball," he said, while shaking it, "Will People magazine finally just stop giving out Sexiest Man Alive and just give it to me in perpetuity, because once Sexiest Man Alive, as I was, then always Sexiest Man Alive? What do you say?"

"'Chances aren't good'?" he read. "OK. Well, magic eight ball, tell you what. Just when you thought you had all the answers, I change the questions," he said, tossing the ball in the trash. "Motivation Monday. Have a great week!"

And motivated we are. But not motivated enough to eat a bag of uncooked hot dogs ... ever.