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What is a ravioli? Post about Uncrustables sparks heated internet debate

The definition of a "sealed crustless sandwich" has many wondering if Pop-Tarts and Hot pockets could actually be considered ravioli.
/ Source: TODAY

Is a hot dog a sandwich? How do you pronounce pecan? Should macaroni and cheese be eaten with a fork or a spoon?

The greatest food debates of all time may soon be unseated by the quest to determine what is (and isn't) a ravioli.

It all started a week ago with a Tumblr post that reportedly showed the Wikipedia page for a "sealed crustless sandwich," accompanied by a picture of Smucker's Uncrustables, a circular bread pocket filled with peanut butter and jelly. Under the snack's picture, the post called it a type of ravioli. And the internet had a lot of feelings about it.

Are these both ravioli?
Are these both ravioli? Uncrustables/Instragram, Getty Images

Now, does this mean that a ravioli is actually a type of sandwich? It is technically a filled piece of dough with sealed edges. So are Uncrustables really ravioli?

Maybe not, because Wikipedia offers that Uncrustables have also been "loosely categorized as a dumpling because of its crimping, usually in a humorous fashion analogous to a Pop-Tart being classified similarly." Life may just be too complicated.

Or, as Tumblr user pancakeke says in one of the over 80,000 comments on this debate: "THIS IS GETTING VERY SERIOUS."

We can always count on social media to answer life’s biggest food conundrums, like the correct way to slice toast or the best way to remove eggs from the carton. But this latest debacle has people really confused. And, much like the great hot dog/sandwich controversy, people are very divided on the issues.

Many actually agree that the ravioli classification makes sense.

But others are adamantly opposed to idea of Uncrustables being labeled as ravioli ... it even says so on the box!

But many others are just baffled that this debate is even happening.

The food dispute even reached the highest powers that be when it comes to the sealed sandwich: Smucker's official Uncrustables Twitter account.

Pasta-maker Buitoni even agreed, commenting, "We see a sandwich! (Since we're the ravioli experts over here.)."

Despite the official declaration, some still aren't convinced. One tweeter posted, "Bread and pasta are both carbohydrates so how different are they really," while another saw an entirely new way to define the snack sandwich: "Circle taco."

Ultimately, does it really matter what we're calling it as long as it's still delicious?