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What is a mufgel? Apparently, it's the latest breakfast sensation

The mufgel is the new food mashup creation from the mad genius behind the internet-famous rainbow bagel.
/ Source: TODAY

As if creating a viral sensation with his crazy rainbow bagels wasn't enough, now the baker behind them is crossbreeding bagels with muffins to make a new over-the-top breakfast treat called a "mufgel" that's become an instant internet sensation and sells out daily.

The Bagel Store's Mufgel
The Bagel Store's Mufgel.thebagelstore/Instagram

When Scot Rossillo, baker/owner at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, heard a New York Lottery advertisement that included a reference to a fictional "mufgel" as a food trend that people were waiting on line to try, he decided that he had to make it a reality, according to Francine LaBarbara, head of marketing and development. He went straight to his lab to create the perfect batter formulation that incorporates both muffin batter and bagel dough.

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First up: the tutti frutti mufgel (pronounced muff-gull, BTW) that's flavored with Fruity Pebbles cereal. Split in half and filled with the shop's signature Funfetti cream cheese (cream cheese that's mixed with rainbow birthday cake), the finishing touch to the technicolor treat is a smattering of rainbow sprinkles.

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For his bacon, egg and cheese mufgel, Rossillo bakes the ingredients into the dough and then cuts it and half and stuffs it with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and melted cheddar cheese.

Then there's the carrot cake mufgel that's split in half and filled with chocolate chip cannoli cream.

Rossillo's suggested fillings for the chocolate chip crumb mufgel are Oreo cookie cream cheese, cotton candy and a pookie cookie (a hybrid of cookie and pie crust doughs), because, why not?

There's also a savory pizza mufgel that's topped with melted mozzarella cheese and filled with sun-dried tomato cream cheese.

Rossillo only makes a handful of mufgels each day and there's a wait list to get them shipped out or delivered, but show up early at the store if you're a local and you may just get lucky.