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What's the most popular recipe in your state?

Shockingly, bread isn't the overall leader.
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With dozens of stay-at-home orders still in effect across the United States due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, cooking and baking have long been a go-to activity for many. Americans have been filling their kitchens with the scent of homemade bread, cookies and more.

You've seen the banana bread and sourdough boules all over your Instagram feed, but have you ever wondered which one is more popular? Well, Google dug up the most searched recipes in each state over the month of April so you can find out.

In the same findings, Google found that banana bread is the most popular recipe worldwide since March 1. Not a huge shocker, considering how quickly bananas ripen.

But, perhaps surprisingly, bread was not the most popular recipe uniquely searched across the 50 states. That title was taken by the mighty hamburger.

While Arizona was the only state thirsty for lemonade, D.C. tagged along in the drinks department with margaritas.

Breakfast dishes remained popular in states stretching from Alaska to Vermont with cinnamon rolls and pancakes being the most searched, respectively.

Still wondering what your state's got cooking? Check out the full list below:

  • Alabama: Chicken salad
  • Alaska: Cinnamon rolls
  • Arizona: Lemonade
  • Arkansas: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • California: Snickerdoodle

Tarragon Chicken Salad

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer
  • Colorado: Egg salad
  • Connecticut: Salmon
  • Delaware: Salmon
  • District of Columbia: Margarita
  • Florida: Zucchini
  • Georgia: Baked chicken
  • Hawaii: Shoyu chicken
  • Idaho: Cinnamon rolls
  • Illinois: Pork tenderloin
  • Indiana: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • Iowa: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • Kansas: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • Kentucky: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • Louisiana: Crawfish étouffée
  • Maine: Bread
  • Maryland: Salmon
  • Massachusetts: Bread
  • Michigan: Hamburger/hamburger Meat
  • Minnesota: Bread
  • Mississippi: Cornbread
  • Missouri: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • Montana: Cinnamon Rolls
  • Nebraska: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • Nevada: Pork loin
  • New Hampshire: Bread
Whole-Wheat Sourdough Bread
  • New Jersey: Salmon
  • New Mexico: Tortilla
  • New York: Charoset
  • North Carolina: Pound cake
  • North Dakota: Sloppy joe
Classic Butter Pound Cake

Classic Butter Pound Cake

Jocelyn Delk Adams
  • Ohio: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • Oklahoma: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • Oregon: Cinnamon rolls
  • Pennsylvania: Egg salad
  • Rhode Island: Chicken Parm
  • South Carolina: Pound cake
  • South Dakota: Bread
  • Tennessee: Baked chicken
  • Texas: Hamburger/Hamburger meat
  • Utah: Crepe
Sunny Anderson's Easy Basic Pancakes
  • Vermont: Pancake
  • Virginia: Banana pudding
  • Washington: Sourdough bread
  • West Virginia: Hamburger/hamburger meat
  • Wisconsin: Ham
  • Wyoming: Sourdough bread