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Make the most of frozen corn with 3 fresh and flavorful dishes

Frozen corn is a fantastic ingredient to keep in your freezer at all times — for soup, salad, you name it!
/ Source: TODAY

Frozen vegetables are a fantastic ingredient to keep in your freezer at all times. They are picked and quick chilled at their peak of freshness which preserves their vitamins and nutrients and keeps them edible for a much longer time than their fresh counterparts. Chef Ryan Scott is using bright, crunchy frozen corn to make three easy and delicious recipes: green chile hushpuppies, corn and quinoa salad and sweet corn soup.

These fluffy, flavorful fritters satisfy my craving for fried foods every time. The green chiles are mild but contribute just enough subtle heat.

I love this recipe because it comes together so quickly and is fresh and healthy. I always try to incorporate whole grains into my diet, and this is a very tasty way to do so.

I love corn, and I can't stand to wait until summertime to have it. Thankfully, this recipe works so well with frozen corn that I can pretend it is summertime all year round.

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