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Shrimp salad, lightened-up Bolognese and more easy recipes for busy summer weeks

This batch of simple dishes will help you savor the season.
Split image of a shrimp salad and corn elote
Nathan Congleton / Courtesy Ken Goodman

Let’s ring in the start of summer with the longest day of the year and a delicious seasonal menu to boot! This curated selection of easy recipes will cut down on your time spent in the kitchen so that you can be out and about enjoying yourself instead — because who wants to worry about what to cook this week when there’s summer fun to be had?

This week’s recipe ideas are all about maximizing flavor while minimizing time and effort — an ideal combo for families balancing hectic summer schedules, busy travel plans and a general lack of motivation in the cooking department. We’ve also got you covered when it’s too hot to stand next to the stovetop or oven for hours. So, what’s on the roster?

We’ve got a make-ahead pasta sauce meant for busy weeknights, a glorious salad recipe that involves hardly any cooking at all, a weeknight dinner that comes together in a flash thanks to the magic of the humble sheet pan, a ridiculously flavorful veggie side that embraces all the flavors of summer (hello, Mexican street corn), plus a classic no-bake dessert. Be prepared to add one (if not all) of these delicious recipes to your regular summer recipe rotation.

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What to cook this week

This white fish topped with lemon-dill-mustard dressing is baked on a bed of roasted cherry tomatoes and green beans for a veggie-packed one-pan dinner that comes together in minutes. Use any white fish available to you — such as cod, halibut, hake or tilapia — making sure to consider the thickness of the fillets when setting your cook time.

Made with a blend of ground turkey and beef, tomato, white wine and a touch of low-fat milk, this lightened up take on classic Italian meat sauce hits the spot. Make a big batch and stash some sauce away in the freezer for those hot summer nights when you don’t feel like standing next to a simmering pot on the stovetop for hours.

Cajun Shrimp Chopped Salad

The only cooking required for this fresh summer salad is quickly searing the Cajun shrimp that goes on top. You don’t want to miss out on this smart dressing hack: Use low-fat Greek yogurt, hot sauce, lemon juice, olive oil and chives for a healthy dressing that doubles as a great way to use up all the groceries you bought this week.

Kick your corn on the cob up a notch with this flavorful Mexican street corn recipe. Slather grilled ears of corn with a creamy sauce made with sour cream, mayonnaise, cotija cheese, spices and lime juice — and prepare to never eat plain buttered corn ever again.

Skip baking projects that involve heating up the oven during the summer and instead opt for no-bake cookies, or these rice cereal treats. The secret ingredient that makes them gooey and soft on the inside? A jar of Marshmallow Fluff. For a fun, customizable spin, toss in your favorite candy, top with sprinkles, dust with flaky sea salt, drizzle with icing or simply enjoy this kid-friendly dessert as is.