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Better than takeout recipes: Lettuce wraps, jalapeño salmon burgers and more

A happy and healthy new year starts with simple swaps in the kitchen.

If there’s anything we know about New Year’s resolutions, it’s that they’re more likely to stick if the goal is attainable. Cooking every meal from scratch? Probably not going to happen. Cooking more than you order delivery? Doable — especially when the dishes are as easy as they are tasty. "Fit Men Cook" founder Kevin Curry stopped by TODAY to share a batch of simple recipes that are better than takeout.

Simple swaps are the key to many healthy new year habits, and the same is true for these recipes. First, Curry ditches the tortilla and makes chicken lettuce wraps for a super satisfying low-carb entrée. Then, he lightens up burger night with an easy jalapeño cheddar salmon burger that is just as juicy as a traditional beef patty.

Round out the week with three more of Curry's easy and good-for-you recipes. One-pot chicken stroganoff can be made easily with zucchini noodles to get in more veggies. And if you’re vegetarian, or just trying to partake in more meatless Mondays at home, his gluten-free veggie noodle bowls are packed with plant-based protein. Of course no week is complete without a true treat, but you can keep it low sugar with Curry’s crispy loaded potato waffles. Cheers to making 2023 the most delicious year yet!

Kevin Curry's better than takeout recipes

These make great appetizers for a party or can be a low-carb entrée. Cook the chicken in batches so that you don't have too much moisture in the skillet, which makes searing more challenging, especially if you are using previously frozen chicken.

Once the ingredients are folded together, you should still be able to see chunks of salmon — it should not look like minced meat. This is both so: (a) people can see that they are eating fish; and (b) the patty is not as dry since over-mincing can dry out the burger once cooked.

More recipes to make this week

This classic comfort dish is simple to whip up any night of the week and can be easily adapted to suit your dietary preferences. Whether that's swapping the flour variety to make the recipe gluten-free or subbing the egg noodles for some delicious zucchini noodles to get in more veggies, the luscious sauce, earthy mushrooms and tender chicken will pair beautifully.

I love making meals that work for people following different dietary restrictions. This recipe uses gluten-free noodles and it packs in a lot of protein, but it's still vegetarian. The rice noodles make the perfect base for this nutty and spicy stir fry. Firm tofu adds some healthy, plant-based meatiness and fresh veggies bring in some serious crunch.

Crispy bacon, melty cheese and chopped scallions give these savory waffles the delicious flavor of a classic loaded baked potato. One bite and you may never go back to eating sweet breakfast waffles again!