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Zucchini pasta, breakfast quiche and more simple recipes to make this week

Add these easy meals to your late-summer recipe rotation.

We’ll be the bearers of good news: Summer is not over yet. Have you taken a walk around your local farmers’ market or scrolled through your heirloom tomato-studded Instagram feed lately? With peak summer produce in full swing, the flavors of the season are ripe for the cooking. In fact, we’d argue that the best of summer cooking has just begun. And with Labor Day cookouts around the corner, it’s time for menu planning to commence!

For this rendition of What to Cook This Week, we’ve got you covered in all departments: Think summer salads, fresh and healthy weeknight dinners and zucchini recipes galore. Of course, we’ve also got some smart chicken recipes (one that’ll clean out your entire crisper drawer!), a seafood smorgasbord and a pasta recipe that you’ll be cooking on repeat. For those in denial that fall is fast approaching, let these recipes bring you the comfort that only the last licks of summer can.

To save yourself a trip to the grocery store, allow us to do the heavy lifting — because who wants to spend the last few weeks of summer in the checkout line? All of these recipes are shoppable via Walmart, with the click of a button. All you need to do is tap “Get Ingredients,” then proceed to checkout and everything you need to cook this week’s menu will show up curbside or at your doorstep. Plus, if you’re a Walmart+ member, orders $35 and up qualify for free delivery.

What to cook this week

Impressive yet fast, this cioppino-inspired dish cooks in less than 20 minutes in a white wine and tomato broth. Stagger the cook times to ensure everything is cooked to perfection, starting with aromatics and chorizo, then mussels or clams, then shrimp. To finish, stir in lump crabmeat and be sure to serve with crusty bread to sop up the flavorful broth.

Looking for a Labor Day side dish? This seasonal quinoa salad studded with summer squash, shallots, herbs, almonds and a tangy dressing gets even better as it sits in the fridge. Not entertaining? Consider lunch prepped and ready for next week.

Oh look, another zucchini recipe! To make the most of this in-season veg, make this healthy-yet-hearty pasta recipe. Dice zucchini (the smaller you cut it, the faster it cooks). Set aside half for roasting and half for sautéing then blending. The latter batch is the secret to this pasta’s creamy, silky sauce.

This crave-worthy sandwich will transport you to an old-school Italian deli without having to leave your home. Layer crispy chicken cutlets, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers and arugula on a good roll. Spread both sides of the bread with a balsamic spread, thickened with mayo, garlic, parsley and parmesan cheese for an added punch of flavor in every bite.

There’s no better (or fancier) fridge cleanout recipe than a quiche! Fill this budget-friendly beauty with leftover rotisserie chicken, veggies, sun dried tomatoes and feta for a filling breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, that will make room for next week’s grocery haul.