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Summer chowder, cauliflower steaks and more easy recipes to make this week

Late-summer produce shines in these simple, family-friendly dishes.
Melissa Hom

The last few weeks of summer tend to be a bit unpredictable weather-wise. One day you’re smack in the middle of a heatwave, and the next, you’re contemplating dipping into your fall sweater drawer. That’s why you need a lineup of easy and seasonal meal ideas that are totally adaptable — and that you’ll find yourself craving no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

We’re talking summer salads that make a meal (a BLT in a bowl? Yes, please!), light soups and a vegetarian-friendly "steak" that can be thrown on the grill if the weather suits, or made inside in case of oppressive humidity or a late-summer storm.

Whipping up these tasty meals doesn't require a lengthy trip through the grocery store: All of these recipes are shoppable, so you can click “Get Ingredients,” then proceed to check out at Walmart. Everything you’ll need to cook these easy, end-of-summer recipes will be delivered curbside or to your doorstep. And if you’re a Walmart+ member, orders $35 and up qualify for free delivery.

What to cook this week

There’s no tastier way to use up a glut of end-of-summer garden vegetables than with this light yet creamy soup. There’s a touch of cream involved to create a silky texture, but otherwise, produce plays the starring role. Add fresh corn kernels, cubes of green or yellow squash or just about anything that’s at its luscious, warm-weather peak!

Whether prepared on the grill or in a skillet, these spiced cauliflower steaks are totally main dish-worthy — especially when topped with a crunchy pistachio gremolata and traditional Indian koshumbri.

The hearty sandwich is equally delicious in this deconstructed state. Think about it: lush tomatoes, savory thick-cut bacon, sturdy romaine lettuce and buttery sourdough croutons, doused in a tangy buttermilk dressing and tossed together for the perfect summer bite!

Inspired by the House of Xtravaganza — famous for creating spectacular looks for New York City's 1980s-era ballroom scene — this burger is equal parts classic and over-the-top. Every element is taken to the next level. Think: a cheese-crusted bun, sweet-and-spicy candied bacon and a dollop of caramelized tomato and onion jam.

Cashew Chicken

This classic Chinese dish has crowd-pleasing appeal, especially with the addition of shiitake mushrooms to up the meaty, umami factor. Creamy cashews are a standard part of the stir-fry, but feel free to use whatever nuts you please, from almonds to peanuts to tiny pine nuts.