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Easy air-fryer dinners: Bang bang shrimp bowl, meatballs with tzatziki and more

Here's how Kevin Curry uses the gadget to get healthy meals on the table in a flash.

Raise your hand if you’re stumped about what to make in the air fryer. If you went out and bought one after hearing that it would change the way you cook, but haven’t touched it since taking it out of the box — don’t fret. "Fit Men Cook" founder Kevin Curry stopped by TODAY to share two easy air-fryer dinners that will help you see why some swear by the handy tool for healthy eating. And if you’re still on the fence about whether it’s worth all that precious counter space, these recipes can easily go in a regular oven, too.

If a bang bang shrimp rice bowl sounds like something you’d only be able to order off a restaurant menu, think again. Five minutes (and some crushed up cornflakes) is all it takes to fry up crispy, golden brown seafood. Plate over cauliflower rice and drizzle with Curry’s homemade sauce for a sweet and spicy dish that will delight your taste buds. If you want to test out how helpful the kitchen gadget can be when it comes to meal prep, look no further than Curry’s air-fryer meatball recipe. The key to keeping the juices in is to make sure the meatballs are touching, so no need to worry if you’re working with a smaller basket. Serve in a pita pocket stuffed with veggies and tzatziki for a healthier spin on a sub.

To round out the week, we have three other easy, better-for-you recipes. Our ricotta frittata is filled with an entire bag of spinach and our cheese ravioli is topped with a tomato-based puttanesca sauce so you’ll be sure to get your veggies in. And for dessert? Protein-packed no-bake peanut butter cookies.

Kevin Curry's easy air-fryer dinners

Bang Bang Shrimp Rice Bowl

The benefit of air frying anything — be it frozen foods or fresh seafood such as shrimp — is that there's lighter calories than deep-fried. For a low-carb meal, use cauliflower rice rather than white or brown rice. The cornflake coating provides crunch and subtle sweetness that's a welcome addition to this dish.

There are so many ways to serve meatballs but usually you'll find them smothered with marinara sauce and served over spaghetti. Here, they take a trip to the Mediterranean with fresh flavor from golden raisins, flat-leaf parsley, mint and an easy tzatziki sauce.

More recipes to make this week

Round out the week with these easy recipes from Sheela Prakash and Grace Elkus.

Spinach Ricotta Frittata

You may be surprised to find that this stunning brunch centerpiece is actually quite simple to make. The base essentially stays the same for any frittata — beaten eggs and milk — but the filling is all up to you. We love a classic combo of fresh spinach and creamy ricotta, but you can easily swap with what you have on hand.

Push your jars of store-bought sauce aside because we found the easiest puttanesca recipe ever. It’s composed almost entirely of pantry staples, comes together in less than 30 minutes and pairs well with pretty much everything. Pasta? Of course. Chicken? So delicious. Fish? Even better. Veggies? You bet.

The only thing better than fresh, homemade cookies is fresh, homemade cookies that you don’t have to bake. Our oatmeal peanut butter cookie recipe can be enjoyed without even turning on the oven. Store any leftovers up to five days for a satisfying sweet whenever the craving strikes.