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Wendy's is on an epic roasting spree on Twitter — and no one is safe

The burger chain celebrated National Roast Day with a series of brutal burns.
Wendy's Twitter account has mastered the art of roast — and not in the culinary sense of the word.
Wendy's Twitter account has mastered the art of roast — and not in the culinary sense of the word.@Wendys / Twitter
/ Source: TODAY

The Wendy's Twitter account has developed quite the cheeky reputation, and once a year, on National Roast Day, the burger chain serves up an extra dose of sass while poking fun at its competitors and customers.

The fast-food chain has been celebrating the made-up holiday for several years now and kicked off its 2021 roast fest on Thursday by daring its followers to request a custom burn from its Twitter account.

"Time for everybody’s favorite made up social media holiday. It’s #NationalRoastDay, like right now. Drop a 'Roast Me' below and feel the burn," the company tweeted.

Wendy's asked, and the brand certainly received an impressive amount of responses from eager followers who were just itching to get roasted.

TODAY's Carson Daly shared several of the funniest tweets during his PopStart segment on Friday morning, including one from the cheese brand Velveeta, who got a jaw-dropping response from Wendy's.

"How are you a verified account when you're not even verified cheese?" the burger chain replied to the brand.

"That's good," said TODAY co-anchor Craig Melvin.

Wendy's also had the perfect response when Oreo challenged the company to roast the cookie brand.

"New flavor idea: Don't," the Twitter account wrote, poking fun at Oreo's near-constant release of new flavors.

Oreo fired off its own burn in response, writing "We get it. Flavor isn't for everyone..."

"Oh snap!" TODAY co-anchor Savannah Guthrie said after Carson read this particular tweet.

Not ready to let it go, Wendy's sent one more message to Oreo, tweeting, "And some of these flavors aren't for anyone lol."

Meteorologist David Wolter attempted to flip the switch and roast Wendy's, writing, "By #NationalRoastDay, do you mean the delicious roast beef sandwiches from @Arbys?" But the chain was ready with a quick response.

"By meteorologist do you just mean the talking suit who reads the work done by forecasting computers?" the account wrote.

Amused by the jab, TODAY's weatherman Al Roker playfully said, "True, true."

The Twilight Saga film series' Twitter account had a witty response when Wendy's asked its followers to request a roast.

"i'll bite. roast me," the account wrote.

Still, Wendy's came up with an even better reply: "Name an actor who isn't trying to live down being in your movies."

"That's gonna leave a mark," Al said after reading the tweet.

Wendy's doesn't need a National Roast Day to air its biting sense of humor, regularly poking fun at other restaurants and fast-food chains. In January of last year, the company took aim at McDonald's when a Twitter user posted a photo of the competing chain's delivery trucks.

"Is it a garbage truck?" the Wendy's account tweeted.

The two chains have had an ongoing Twitter rivalry and Wendy's was quick to call McDonald's out in 2017 when the restaurant accidentally posted an incomplete tweet.

“When the tweets are as broken as the ice cream machine,” Wendy's wrote.

In 2018, Wendy's made fun of IHOP when the restaurant changed its name temporarily. The burger chain also threw its hat into the ring when Popeye's and Chick-fil-A were fighting over which chain had the best chicken sandwich in 2019.

Honestly, no one seems to be safe from Wendy's hilarious tweets. The burger chain even playfully heckled golfer Tiger Woods in 2018 after his triple bogey at the U.S. Open.

“Tiger, next time you're going to get a triple...” the Wendy's Twitter account wrote and posted a photo of a triple-stacked burger.