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Wendy's sassy tweet about Tiger Woods is par for the course

The fast-food chain’s snarky social media account isn’t just targeting its competitors.
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to trolling its competitors on Twitter, Wendy's has an insatiable appetite.

The fast food chain's usual social media targets include McDonald's for its Twitter fails or IHOP (along with the rest of the industry) for changing its name to IHOb to promote a new line of burgers. And who could forget Wendy's cheeky reply to Burger King's prom-posal?

But after Tiger Woods' triple bogey at the U.S. Open on Thursday, Wendy's just couldn't resist. three strokes over par on his first hole.

“Tiger, next time you're going to get a triple...” the fast food chain wrote, followed by a photo of a giant triple-stacked burger. For those uninitiated in the golfing world, a triple bogey means getting a score of three strokes over par on the first hole. So basically it took Woods a really, really long time to finally sink the ball.

Some tweeters couldn't help but salivate over the well-stacked burger:

Others weren't into Wendy's digging into the golfer.

And some defended Woods' honor in true Harry Potter fashion.

But Wendy's kept the jokes coming as long as tweeters responded.

The only question we're left with is, does Woods have any beef with Wendy's now?