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Wendy's opened a restaurant in Walmart with unique menu items like a strawberry Frosty

Feel like some fast food while you're running errands? Customers in Ohio can now stop by an in-store Wendy's at one Walmart store.
The in-store restaurant has some exclusive items that you can't find at any other Wendy's locations.
The in-store restaurant has some exclusive items that you can't find at any other Wendy's locations.Tom Dubanowich / Wendy's
/ Source: TODAY

There's a new Wendy's in Heath, Ohio, and it's noticeably smaller than the fast food chain's other restaurants. It also happens to have a slightly different name. That's because Wendy's Hamburger Stand is actually located inside a local Walmart store.

This is hardly a first for Walmart, a store that's previously partnered with several other food companies (including McDonald's and Subway) to offer in-store restaurants. But it is a new adventure for Wendy's, and the company created a special menu for Wendy's Hamburger Stand to celebrate.

"The first and only Wendy’s Hamburger Stand of its kind is all about the 'BYO' life, where we welcome customers to build everything from their Nugget size and preferred flavor, and dream hamburger from start to finish," a Wendy's spokesperson told TODAY Food.

These Buttermilk Ranch Nuggets look so tempting.Wendy's

The in-store restaurant sells a mix of classic Wendy's favorites (like square hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and fries) and some new and exclusive items you'll only be able to find at this location, like Jalapeño Cheddar or Buttermilk Ranch Nuggets. For now, Wendy's has no plans to make its exclusive items available at other locations across the country.

You can also find these Spicy Jalapeno Cheddar Nuggets on the menu.Wendy's

If you're craving something sweet, Wendy's Hamburger Stand will also carry the company's classic Frosty dessert in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

The Strawberry Frosty Sundae also looks delicious.Wendy's

Frosty Sundaes that come with a choice of toppings (like Lucky Charms marshmallows and more) can also be found on the menu.

A Vanilla Frosty with Lucky Charms? We're willing to try it!Wendy's

For the early birds out there, the restaurant will also have the following breakfast options before 10:30 a.m.: Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits, Breakfast Baconators, Seasoned Potatoes and Frosty-ccinos.

By partnering with Walmart for this in-store restaurant, Wendy's is hoping to reach customers in a different way.

"Wendy’s Hamburger Stand is the latest example of how Wendy’s is answering to the needs of consumers today, challenging conventional thinking and introducing design innovation to bring more Wendy’s to more people, more often," a spokesperson shared.

So, are there plans to open up more in-store restaurants? Wendy's does have at least one other project in the works — a Wendy's Snack Shop in another Ohio Walmart.

"We’re focused on serving Wendy’s fans where they work, live and play, and that includes non-traditional venues, such as airports, universities, and retail environments, like Walmart. We know our customers want great food on the go, at a reasonable price, and we’ll continue to find opportunities to deliver in a unique way," a spokesperson said.