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Wendy's responds to IHOP name change in typical Wendy's style

IHOP announced Monday it is changing its name to IHOB ... and Wendy's took notice.
/ Source: TODAY

The world is still recovering from the news that IHOP — now officially IHOB — has changed its name to the International House of Burgers.

People had been wildly speculating about what the “B” in the new acronym could possibly stand for, and in true Twitter fashion, the reveal on Monday morning was dramatic.

Wendy's took notice and lived up to its notoriously savage Twitter rep by dissing IHOB's big announcement.

But Wendy's didn't stop there. Minutes later, it delivered another shot at its competitor that was even more fierce.

The latter tweet won the admiration of other food-related accounts, including MoonPie.

The Pop-Tarts account gave Wendy's high marks, too.

White Castle decided to pile on, slinging its own saucy remarks on the internet.

Burger King went with a similar joke, changing its Twitter name and picture to "Pancake King."

But IHOB isn't trying to beef with any of its rivals. Instead, it's trying to make peace.

It even extended an invitation to skeptic Chrissy Teigen. If the name change doesn't win her over, maybe the legendary pun will.

Despite its rebranding efforts, an IHOB representative told TODAY Food that the chain's signature pancakes and all-day breakfast favorites will remain available.