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Weird new beer mug solves a problem we didn't know we had: It won't block the TV

Finally, you don't have to strategically sip your beer for fear of missing the play of the game, because you can still see the TV screen.
/ Source: TODAY

Finally, you don't have to strategically sip your beer for fear of missing the most talked about play on game day.

Does your glass ever get in the way when you're trying enjoy a cold one while watching TV? Have you ever raised your glass only to realize that you can no longer see what you were trying to celebrate in the first place?

Fear not — the TV Beer Mug is here.

The mug, priced at $11, is a new state-of-the-art way to enjoy your beverage while never missing a moment on your screen. So how does it work? It's got a sloped edge at the rim of the mug to make for a pleasurable and unobstructed viewing experience. It also holds about one pint of beer, and is made entirely of lightweight plastic to ensure that your hands won't get too tired while holding it (so you can save that energy for high-fives).

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Described by seller Perpetual Kid as the perfect gift for everyone from "sports entranced dads," to "lazy brothers," and even "boozy grandmas," it's a true triumph for modern-day engineering, Super Bowl parties, and beer-enthusiasts everywhere.

While it won't fix your bungled fantasy football lineup, at least you'll know whether you're drowning your sorrows or toasting to victory.

What a time to be alive!