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We're in love with Skittles' new Valentine's Day flavors

Dreading Valentine's Day? Don't worry: Skittles has provided a new pack of flavors that everyone is sure to love!
/ Source: TODAY

Don't believe in love at first sight? You will after you try the new Love Skittles.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Skittles has announced their new Love Mix, and believe us: They're just as tasty as they are pretty! With five hard-not-to-love flavor combinations, we can already tell you how we'll be spending Feb. 14 this year.

Skittles Love MixSkittles

Regardless of your feelings about V-Day, these special Skittles are sure to win you over. The pack features five flavors: strawberry, white grape, cherry, watermelon and "yumberry." No, we don't know what a yumberry is, but yes, you'll want to taste it immediately.

We asked some members of the TODAY team to test them out and share their thoughts.

Thoughts from the TODAY team:

"These are like the best parts of a bag of skittles without having to suffer through the lime and grape flavors."

"These skittles were so tasty. I don't necessarily see how they're very festive but they sure do taste delicious!"

"Step aside, Sour Skittles. I may have a new favorite Skittles variation."

"The watermelon flavor comes on strong, but then slowly fades into a regular cherry flavor."

"The white ones I'm trying seem to be sweet without any of the tartness a Skittle should have, so I'm thinking 'yumberry' may be a neologism for 'sugar.' The cherry, on the other hand, does taste like cherry. The strawberry does not convey strawberry-ness as successfully as the cherry conveys cherry-ness. But the white grape has a chemical tang I find perversely pleasing."

"They taste just like red and pink Starbursts only they're easier to eat because you don't have to unwrap each one!"

While the Love Skittles arrived at select Target stores on Jan. 7, these little babies are now available at Target stores nationwide for $2.69 per 11-ounce bag.

Believe us: Love is in the air.