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We found the funniest food fails on social media this week

From viral tweets to Valentine's Day mishaps, we found the funniest cooking fails shared on social media recently.
And we thought burning a pizza was bad.
And we thought burning a pizza was bad.@chrissyteigen / Twitter

Almost every home chef has had a cooking fail at some point in their life: Sometimes the recipe backfires, sometimes the ingredient substitution you planned on just doesn't work, and sometimes, things just go haywire for no clear reason.

While these incidents can be infuriating in the moment, the social media response to them can make it almost worth it. Almost.

To put a smile on everyone's face, we've rounded up the week's best cooking fails.

1. This pizza got a little too crispy in the oven …

2. … But it's not the worst pizza story we've seen.

3. This homemade birthday cake was made with love — and a few too many candles.

4. We love TikTok's tortilla hack — but this recipe might be a bridge too far.

5. This fish dinner serves as an important reminder to always use enough oil when cooking.

6. This unique way of making eggs had an unintended sound effect.

7. These sweet treats were a little too attached to each other.

8. Thousands of Twitter users were horrified by this suggestion of baked beans atop cereal biscuits.

9. One dinner took on a brand-new shape.

10. This attempt at romance came out a little scarier than intended.

11. Meanwhile, these heart-shaped pies couldn't quite hold it together.