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Latest food craze for the summer? Watermelon bread

It doesn't actually taste like watermelon, but looks incredibly like the real thing!
/ Source: TODAY

Watermelon bread.

There, we said it. No, it's not bread that tastes like watermelon, nor is it actually made with watermelon. But Jimmy's Bakery in Jiahosi, Taiwan has blown everyone's minds with their latest invention: A loaf of bread that looks almost exactly like a watermelon.

And it is beloved.

The dyes used to make it are natural: green tea for the "rind," strawberries for the flesh and charcoal for the seeds. (We recommend raisins instead because yuck, charcoal.)

Of course, we see how this all got started: square watermelons have been a thing in Japan for years now.

It really was only a matter of time.

Now, the bread's starting to gain popularity on Pinterest, Instagram and other popular social-sharing channels. There are even video tutorials on YouTube.

Happy baking!

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