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Watermelon Bae's mad fruit-cutting skills will leave you breathless

Who doesn't love watermelon, especially in the summer? The problem is, nobody loves having to cut it up. Except one woman.
/ Source: TODAY

Everybody loves watermelon, especially in the hot summer months!

The problem is, a much smaller group of people actually enjoy cutting up the delicious fruit itself. Watermelons are huge, have big thick rinds, and can involve lots of messy juice and sometimes even seeds.

Watermelon Bae to the rescue!

In this amazing video posted on Instagram on July 5, "Watermelon Bae," as she calls herself in a hashtag, starts with a quartered 'melon, then in the space of mere seconds shows us how a big knife and a deft hand (plus gloves) can render that melon into ready-to-eat cubes!

It's mesmerizing, and has already been viewed over 25,000 times.

However you slice it, watermelon is so versatile: It's good grilled and in sangria, and this summer has even been used for fashion!

In real life, "Watermelon Bae" is also known as Melon Mama on Twitter, but in real life she's Christine Ward.

"We’re gonna have so much fun on my different tips and tricks," she noted in a recent Instagram where she announced the start of a YouTube channel. "Comment below on what you would like to see."

Noted one fan, "Just cut more watermelon because that was awesome."

Total agreement here! Summer is far from over!

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