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Watch Jimmy Fallon's hilarious fitness journey in Super Bowl commercial

The ad wants to inspire viewers to enjoy a good workout as much as they do a cold beer.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Fallon has always loved beer but never working out. That is, until he was pushed to his physical limit, "Rocky"-style, by John Cena, in Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl commercial.

In the ad, Fallon beginshis workout by swinging kettlebells with Cena. His face looks severely pained until he just lets it all go — literally, letting go of the weight as it crashes through the glass window and onto the street.

After Fallon vents about how much "working out sucks" over an icy Michelob Ultra, Cena encourages his pal to "see the lighter side of things."

That's when everything changes.

From the track to the golf course, from the beach to the football field, Fallon slowly but surely discovers the simple joys of an active lifestyle. He finds the skip in his step with the help of The Roots' music and a guest appearance by Usain Bolt.

Jimmy Fallon's "still got it" on the track.
Jimmy Fallon's "still got it" on the track. Michelob ULTRA

He figures out how to "work it" by golfing with Brooks Koepka and feels what it's like to fly by playing volleyball with Kerri Walsh Jennings and Brooke Sweat. And then, of course, Fallon finishes with a sweet moment on the football field.

"I'm so proud I could squat you," Cena says as he and Fallon share a hug.

"I feel great," Fallon exclaims.

"I feel great," Jimmy Fallon said after working out (and drinking beer).
"I feel great," Jimmy Fallon said after working out (and drinking beer).Michelob ULTRA

The commercial is part of Michelob's campaign to encourage the feeling of joy in active people's day-to-day routine. According to the company's vice president of marketing Azania Andrews, Michelob wants to show "people like Jimmy" that fitness isn't a chore.

"I was so sore, either it was the Michelob Ultra or working out, I lost 10 pounds doing that commercial," he told the TODAY anchors this morning after the show debuted the commercial.

“For this commercial, Michelob ULTRA was looking to cast someone who hates working out and loves drinking beer," Fallon said in a press release. "Luckily for me, when you Google that my name is the first thing that pops up."

Soon enough, when you Google Fallon, it'll say, "'Late Night' host, beer drinker and fitness champion."