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Warm up this week with these cozy soups, stews and casseroles

It's cold outside — warm up with these hearty and healthy one-pot meals.

If you resolved to cook more, eat more whole foods and put a pause on all those Uber Eats orders in 2022, we've got a few recipes that'll tick all of those boxes. As temperatures dip and flurries fly, there's nothing better than tucking into a cozy and comforting bowl of soup or stew. These one-pot wonders feature a variety of flavorful proteins, vegetables and grains that will keep your taste buds entertained while you fill up fiber and nutrients.

Whether you're craving Italian, something Thai-inspired, or straight-up American comfort food, we've got simple and delicious recipes that make for an easy dinner — and an even easier lunch the next day.

9 warming winter soups and stews

These four recipes are perfect for busy weeknights and can be easily prepped ahead or stashed in the fridge or freezer so they're ready when you need them.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

This is Gaby Dalkin's go-to vegetarian dinner. It's so easy, everyone loves it (including meat eaters), and it makes for excellent leftovers.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

Saffron Chicken Noodle Soup

There's a good reason they call chicken soup Jewish penicillin: It literally cures everything. That being said, this recipe is just as good for cold weather entertaining as it is for reviving anyone feeling a bit under the weather.

Slow-Cooker Beef Stroganoff

This is one of the most ideal dishes for a winter evening: rich broth filled with sweet onion, earthy mushrooms and succulent bites of beef.

Slow-Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

This casserole boasts the same comfort of one of grandma's comfort dishes but is a healthier homemade version devoid of any canned soup or boxed mixes. Even without those timesavers of decades past, it still comes together in a snap! All you need is 15 minutes to chop and combine the ingredients in the slow cooker.

Slow-Cooker Minestrone Soup

This slow-cooker version of one our favorite winter soups keeps things hearty and healthy with cubes of tender potatoes, snappy green beans, and creamy cannellini beans, but you can always take your cue from the Italians and use this recipe as an excuse to cook up the odds and ends in your refrigerator's crisper.

Slow-Cooker Minestrone Soup

Coconut Curry Noodle Soup

Resist the siren song of takeout with a comforting bowl of coconut curry with chicken and noodles for a delicious Thai-inspired meal your family will love. Move over, chicken noodle.

One-Pot Beef Stew with Ketchup

Ready to try the best beef stew of your life? Our flavor-packed version is incredibly easy to make because it all comes together in one pot — and features one of your family's favorite ingredients: ketchup!

Italian Wedding Soup

This recipe may look complicated, but it's super comforting and pretty simple to make — and even better, it freezes like a dream, making it an easy make-ahead meal for those inevitable cold, wintery days. The meatballs are browned in a skillet to build more flavor, but you can skip this step if you're running short on time.

Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Creamy and cozy stovetop macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food on chilly winter days. This comes together quickly, so make sure you have all your ingredients measured out and ready to go when you start making the sauce. No oven required!

Stovetop Mac and Cheese

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