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Waitress gets $1,200 tip from a $20 bill: 'There are good people in this world'

After talking to a young couple for a few hours, this waitress was astonished at the tip they left behind.
/ Source: TODAY

Brianna Siegel has only been a waitress at Bar Louie in Woodbridge, New Jersey, for three months, but she just got the surprise of a lifetime.

After talking to a young couple in the restaurant for a few hours, 21-year-old Siegel was astonished to find they had left her a $1,200 tip for their $20 meal.

"I just want everybody to know that there are still really good people out in this world," said Siegel.Courtesy Brianna Siegel

“They came up and said, ‘You were a great waitress and we’re giving you this envelope. Don’t open it until you get home,’” Siegel told TODAY of the interaction last Tuesday, Aug. 22. “I honestly thought maybe it was a prayer card or a little Bible, so I stuck it in my apron until I got off at 10:30.”

Siegel did as they asked and refrained from opening the envelope until she arrived at her boyfriend’s house after work. This is when she discovered that the huge check with an accompanying note.

“They were honestly the nicest customers I’ve ever had,” said Siegel. “Even if they wouldn’t have given me the tip, they were just really nice people.”

The couple left their accompanying letter on a napkin.Courtesy Brianna Siegel

According to Siegel, the couple, who had only ordered two cheeseburgers and drinks, had been curious about her career path as well as her religious beliefs. Siegel explained to them that she was hoping to pursue a degree in nursing and that she was a practicing Catholic.

While the couple wanted to remain anonymous, their note included a Bible verse, as well as a message that said, “Whenever it gets hard, know God[‘s] got you.”

“I just want everybody to know that there are still really good people out in this world,” said Siegel. “I can’t even say how thankful I am.”