Waffle House wants us to boycott Belgian waffles for Team USA

They're fluffy and delicious, but for this week, they're the breakfast of the enemy. 

If you want to avoid committing sports treason, Waffle House says to stay away from Belgian waffles. A day before the U.S. men's soccer team takes on Belgium in a do-or-die match in the World Cup's round of 16 on Tuesday, the large waffle chain has called for a boycott on Belgian waffles (and Belgium) as a patriotic act to support our team. 

Watch video: Waffle House boycotts ‘Belgium waffles’







"We've never served Belgian waffles at Waffle House, and we just want to support team USA,'' Waffle House spokesperson Meghan Irwin told TODAY.com. "It's just supposed to be really fun, and we want to just stand behind Team USA." 

It doesn't get more 'Murica than Waffle House, which has 1,700 stores in 25 states, and not one of them sells Belgian waffles. As anyone who has ever bellied up to the counter at one knows, they serve sweet-cream waffles that are flatter than most Belgian waffles and are made with a different (American!) shape waffle iron.



Of course, there's the minor issue that the Belgian waffles sold in the United States are not actually eaten in Belgium for the most part. There are several different types of waffles eaten in Belgium, from the Liege waffle to the Brussels waffle, named after cities in Belgium. Also, waffles in Belgium are traditionally made with yeast and not the baking powder used in the American version. But why let facts get in the way of rooting against the enemy? U-S-A! U-S-A!