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Which candy won TODAY's 'Bracketween' challenge?

You voted. Here's which candy took home the big prize.
Which is your favorite Halloween candy?
Which is your favorite Halloween candy?TODAY

Are you Team Reese's or Team Snickers? TODAY co-hosts couldn't seem to agree on which Halloween candy takes the top spot — Carson even wanted to go as far as outlawing a few! Enter TODAY's Halloween Candy Bracket, which kicked off Oct. 22 with the "Sweets Sixteen," and Wednesday, we finally made it to the final sugary showdown. Each day, these Cinderella sweets faced off for the ultimate prize — and you got to vote to advance your favorite.

And the winner is ... Snickers!

23,388 people voted in the final face-off, and Snickers eked out the win from Reese's with 52% of the vote.

"Yes!" exclaimed Craig, in reaction to the results. "There is hope for America!"

"I'm in shock," said Savannah, who was rooting for Reese's.

"It's a classic," explained Craig, "Snickers is timeless."

"But peanut butter and chocolate is such a delicious combination," countered Savannah, with Hoda and Al in total agreement (though Al stood firmly behind York Peppermint Patties the whole time). Sheinelle's favorites were 3 Musketeers and Whatchamacallits — "and Whatchamacallit wasn't even on the list," she said.

Thanks for voting, everyone!