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This viral cake-cutting method using wine glasses is kind of genius

That way, you can say "cheers" with a cupful of cake!
Cake slice
How to get the perfect cake portion: Use a wine glass.AdShooter / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever been cutting a cake and thought to yourself, "There must be a better way," do we have the viral video for you!

A new hack circulating on social media shows a family cutting into a cake with wine glasses. Instead of the traditional knife and plate route, one family is living in the future!

The video was originally posted to TikTok by @theroseperiod and shows a birthday celebration — hence the cake. Then, one by one, the group scoops out wine glasses of the dessert, and toasts.

In the comments, the original poster explained that it's just her family blowing out the candles and eating and that they all live/quarantine together.

"omg- i think you just discovered something," one person replied.

"Cup + cake = ✨CUPCAKE ✨🧁," another commented.

"Y'all are the smartest ppl I've ever seen," someone else replied.

The video has inspired copycats — we can't blame them, if we had a cake handy, TODAY Food would probably give it a go — like @makingofcakes on Instagram.

The method would probably work best on small cakes for, say, a quarantined birthday at home with family. It also leaves behind a piece in the middle without frosting on the side, for whoever doesn't like the icing.

We'll take it! And if we are ever allowed to have parties with a big crowd again, this genius cake-cutting technique allows you to slice a cake into 10 even servings at once, using only a knife and a cutting board.