Viral video schools us on how we should be serving pizza 

Is ordering pizza ever a bad idea? Answer: No. But for being so easy and fast, the cheesy-tomato-gooey-deliciousness does gets everywhere. And you dirty up all those plates when doling out slices.

Enter GreenBox!

Though this video made its debut back in 2009 (when Ashton Kutcher tweeted it!), it's being shared all over again this week, mainly because the concept is genius. Sold by Ecovention, the GreenBox pizza box breaks down into plates and a storage container for leftovers.

But you don't have to buy a GreenBox to do this clever trick — as you'll see in the above video, any box will do. Former CEO William Walsh (featured in the clip) thought of the idea when he was a football player in college and always eating pizza. "The constant scarcity of clean plates forced him to tee up the box to use as a plate," Ecovention president and co-founder Jennifer Wright told, adding that the boxes can now be found everywhere from local pizzerias to Whole Foods.

The best part of this DIY concept? It's eco-friendly!

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