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Viral video of hyper-realistic cakes may make you question reality

Cake inspiration can come from anywhere and any object.
/ Source: TODAY

Lifelike cakes that resemble people and household objects are not a novel concept, but a new video showcasing one talented baker's next-level creations has suddenly sent social media users into a tizzy.

The fun (or chaos) began on July 8 when BuzzFeed posted a montage video of Turkish food artist and pastry master Tuba Geckil's cakes on Twitter. Like many others in her field, Geckil transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary and sculpts cakes to resemble everyday items like Crocs, toilet paper, soap, fruit, potted plants and even people. She also turns savory dishes like pizza and steak into sweet treats worthy of a spot in a museum display.

At first glance, each of Geckil's creations in the video look totally normal — until a knife cuts into it and unveils a mouthwatering cake filling. The repeated visual of a sharp knife effortlessly slicing into everyday objects has sent Twitter into a frenzy. Over the course of five days, the video has garnered over 30 million views — and plenty of people had a lot to say about the eye-catching creations, mostly by way of posting hilarious memes.

Many people who were sufficiently impressed with Geckil's talent began sharing other incredible cake reveals they'd come across, like this hilarious one where an expressive pup sees his owner cut into a dog cake that looks pretty darn realistic.

The talented food artist's creations looked so realistic that many people could hardly believe their eyes, while forcing them to question everything they know and wonder: Is everything made of cake?

Of course, many started wondering whether just about any item could really be cake in disguise.

But some people were disappointed to discover that sometimes, a roll of toilet paper or a pair of Crocs are really just that ... even if they were hoping they'd magically transform into cake when cut.

Even "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah got in on the fun.

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Whether you love these lifelike cakes or find them a bit creepy, you have to admit: This food artist has some seriously major talent!