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People are really freaking out over the correct way to cut toast

How do you slice toasted bread? Turns out many have strong feelings about the right way to cut this breakfast staple.
/ Source: TODAY

For the people out there still eating carbs (and the millions more who break any self-imposed to enjoy avocado toast) there’s a big debate about how you should be cutting your bread.

Over the weekend, Twitter nearly imploded when user account Hallamnation posted a photo showcasing three possible ways of slicing toast — and the ensuing debate has since divided the internet.

The tweet surmised that are basically three ways to slice toast: cut it diagonally, cut it horizontally or cut it vertically down the middle.

When it comes to food, many could argue that how one prefers to eat toast is decidedly "to each their own" ... but apparently toast is very divisive and there was a whole lot of shaming that occurred based on the choices people made.

It’s a hot topic no matter how you slice it — especially for those poor souls who chose the third option.

So what’s the right answer? Well, one could argue that as long as you get to eat your bread, it shouldn't matter. But we at TODAY Food wanted to get an official source to weigh in. And it turns out, there is a right way.

“Without a doubt, you want to cut your toast horizontally. Presentation-wise, it looks the best," Jon Beattie, Executive Chef of The Renaissance in Richmond, Virginia, told TODAY Food. "Plus, you can hold it easier and begin eating without the first bite being too big."

Well, that settles this hot little debate!