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That viral 'sack of wet eggs' spotted in a UK grocery store, eggsplained

"This is the most wretched and cursed item I have ever witnessed," tweeted the person who found the eggs.
/ Source: TODAY

Eggs are usually a controversial topic, from the best way to fry one to their smell, flavor and texture.

But, as it turns, most of us can actually agree on at least one thing about eggs! They should never be boiled and sold by the dozens in large plastic bags filled with liquid.

Sadly, it took a viral photo of a grocery store in the U.K. doing just that to arrive at this realization. A Twitter user spotted the bizarre item and documented it, writing, "My local Morrison’s is selling actual sacks of wet eggs. This is the most wretched and cursed item I have ever witnessed."

"Also it's in the meal deal section, which implies this is considered lunch?" they added in a follow-up tweet. "Does this count as a main, or a snack?? I have so many questions, and no answers."

He also shared a photo of the shelves (yes, multiple) where they found the egg bags. There were several — all filled with mysterious yellow liquid and at least a dozen hard-boiled eggs — available to purchase for £1, per the label.

TODAY Food reached out to Morrison's, a U.K.-based grocer, for comment about the item but hasn't heard back. So right now, it's unclear where and, more importantly, why the store is selling eggs in this supremely unappetizing state.

We do have one theory, however, provided by a Twitter user who stumbled on the photos and said they used to work for Morrison's.

"I worked in morrisons so can confirm that these eggs in a preservative for the salad bar lol," they wrote. "We didn’t boil the eggs or de-shell them they came like this. Not sure why they’re being sold on shelves maybe they’re about to expire?? But not sure why everyone’s freaking out over it."

Some freaking out certainly happened in response to the photo. But there were a lot of jokes cracked (pun intended, obviously), as well.

"England should be banned from all kitchens," wrote one Twitter user.

"Why does it say 5 boiled eggs when clearly there are at least 20... why can I smell this through the screen..... why does the preservative look like urine," someone else added.

"It says 5 boiled eggs but it contains at least 12 eggs. Are you supposed to guess which 5 are boiled?" quipped another astute observer, who makes an egg-cellent point.