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This sad McDonald's tweet is making people surprisingly emotional

Hey, McDonald's social media manager, you OK?
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/ Source: TODAY

Fast-food social media posting is usually a place for jokes: Who could forget the regular trolling that comes from the Wendy's Twitter page, or the time Burger King offered free burgers to anyone who could answer the questions they posted online?

Sometimes the commentary can be pretty heartfelt — like when Burger King put aside their years-long rivalry with McDonald's to encourage diners to eat at the chain to support them during the coronavirus pandemic.

Most people don't expect an emotional, heart-wrenching tweet that makes them think about their life choices, but that's exactly what the McDonald's Twitter account served up on Wednesday.

"One day you ordered a Happy Meal for the last time and you didn't even know it," wrote the account in a tweet that has now been shared thousands of times.

First, fans of the fast-food chain wanted to know if everything was OK.

"How are you doing McDonald's?" asked one user.

"I'm in my feels today clearly," the brand replied. "How are u?"

"You good?" asked another.

"Ignoring that I'm having an existential crisis, yes," the McDonald's account replied.

There were plenty of emotional reactions, too.

"Why did you have to do this now," one user asked.

"I was not planning to cry today but thank you," said another.

One user said that she was OK with knowing she had ordered her last Happy Meal, but was upset by the realization that someday her child would order his last one.

"Oh my word, only in 2020 would McDonald’s Twitter game move me to tears," she wrote.

One user simply shared an emotional set of photos, to which the McDonald's account simply replied "Same."

Some social media users offered optimism and hope: McDonald's does not have an age limit on who can order Happy Meals, leaving them available to adults of all ages.

Plenty of users also said they order them for their children, nieces and nephews, or other family members — and for themselves.

"No no, I still eat them at 19," said one user.

"We need more Jakes in this world," wrote the brand, referencing the poster's username.

Another user shared a sweet story about a 96-year-old friend who she buys the meals for.

"You are never too old for a Happy Meal!" she wrote.