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This viral hack for opening coffee creamer is a 'life changer'

Mind officially blown!
Opening coffee creamer just got a bit easier.
Opening coffee creamer just got a bit easier. Jim DeLillo / Alamy
/ Source: TODAY

Once again, the TikTok community is serving up a life-changing hack that social media users never saw coming.

This time, TikTok user @Carlyrose352 is enlightening coffee lovers everywhere and teaching them how to open their bottle of coffee creamer.

For those who aren't coffee creamer connoisseurs, some of them come in a container that's covered with a pesky little piece of tin foil to keep it fresh. And apparently, caffeine fiends have been struggling to remove the protective covering for ages.

In a video posted earlier this month, @Carlyrose352 reveals that she's been drinking coffee since she was 17 and only recently discovered an easier way to access her creamer.

"So here's a tip I just learned if you drink coffee creamer," she says as she holds up a mug filled with coffee. "You know how they have these little tabs and you cant get your fingers under it and open it?"

The mother of three demonstrates how difficult it is to open the annoying covering and then pulls out the creamer's orange cap. She points to the inside of the lid, which seems to have a button-like part, then covers the creamer and punctures the tin foil.

"Now it's open," she says with a smile and snaps the lid on shut before pouring out the creamer.

She raises her eyebrows, slightly grins and says "You're welcome.

Many TikTok users were simply astounded by the simple trick and the video quickly went viral, with 1.2 million views and more than 2,000 comments.

"You have to see.... my jaw literally hit the ground," one wrote while another commented "oh snap.... life changer right here..."

Lots of social media users wondered how they had spent their whole life without knowing this tip, but were grateful all the same for the unexpected life hack.

"Oh, dear God...I'm almost 50 and didn't know that. Thank you!" one commented.

After watching the clip during the fourth hour of TODAY this morning, Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager were equal parts amazed and confused.

"Wait a minute," Hoda said. Jenna quickly chimed in to say "So is that what that little hole is for?"

After briefly discussing another viral hack, the co-hosts agreed that the hole in the cap must indeed have been intended to help open the creamer.

"You put it on the top and it pushes the metal back," Hoda said.

Jenna, like some TikTok users, wasn't sure she liked the idea of keeping the packaging on while pouring out the liquid, however.

"Do you think it's bad to drink that metal every day?" she asked.

Hoda, who admittedly prefers powdered coffee creamer, had a pretty comedic response: "Look, if you're drinking that coffee stuff you're probably ok."

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