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Viral 'envelope' technique is the neatest way to make eggs

The simple, one-pan trick results in perfectly packaged eggs.
Frying Egg in a Cooking Pan in Domestic Kitchen
The trick involves separating the egg whites and yolk.Getty Images

Looking for a neat, elegant way to serve eggs? A viral video shares a new technique that turns eggs into even more of a gift than they already are.

First spotted by The Kitchn, the video went viral on TikTok earlier in September, garnering millions of views and likes.

The hack, shared by user @sunnycusine and subsequently shared on Twitter, starts simply enough: Separate the egg white and yolk. Drop the white of the egg into a wok and swirl it into a wide circle until a thin layer of the white covers the bottom and edges of the wok. Add the yolk into the center of the circle.

But then it gets a little trickier: Peel up the white and fold it completely over the yolk, creating what looks like a little envelope. Keep the folded-up egg in the pan for a few more seconds, flipping it over to evenly cook on both sides.

While many were excited about the trick, some commentators were disappointed that the video didn't reveal what the inside of the envelope looked like. A few days later, the original poster shared another video where they repeated the process and cut into the egg, revealing a perfectly runny yolk hugged by egg white layers.

Overall, the technique was well-received online, with the video quickly going viral on multiple social media platforms. Several people tried the technique themselves.

One user said that it "went well" and shared some more details about how to successfully make the dish.

"The longer the whites cook before you fold, the easier it is to fold," she explained.

A few other users noted that seasonings like salt, pepper and cayenne could be added to spice up the recipe. Others said that they used olive oil or butter to keep the egg whites from sticking to the sides of the pan.

But this is far from the first video featuring an egg-citing technique to go viral.

One TikTok video shows the making of an Indian "bread omelet," where users place eggs and bread in a pan together to make an easy breakfast sandwich. Other videos have suggested that you can easily peel a hard-boiled egg by blowing on it or shaking it in water.

Even pro chefs rely on egg hacks sometimes: "Ugly Delicious" host David Chang shared a video explaining how to "fry" an egg in the microwave; Martha Stewart said the best way to make scrambled eggs is to use a coffee frother;and Nigella Lawson detailed a simple trick to make perfectly centered deviled eggs.