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Is it OK to eat mayonnaise right out of the jar? Viral video sparks debate

Plain mayonnaise may just be the ultimate indulgence ... or the worst thing to ever happen in the history of condiments.
/ Source: TODAY

Plenty of food fans love eating peanut butter or Nutella right out of the jar.

But what about a cool, creamy spoonful of plain mayonnaise?

A clip of a woman at a basketball game devouring a couple spoonfuls of what appears to be mayo has gone viral — and ignited yet another debate about what foods should and shouldn't be eaten on their own. ESPN fueled Twitter's condiment dispute Tuesday with a post of the video, accompanied by the saucy caption: "You know there's food you can put that on."

The woman, who was watching the Detroit Pistons take on the Sacramento Kings at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California, on Monday, was seen holding up a jar of Best Food's mayonnaise to the camera before digging in with a spoon. She then passes the jar to her companion, who also takes a bite of mayo (and doesn't spit it out!) before quickly handing the spoon back.

There are a lot of great things do to with mayonnaise, like making deviled eggs or just spreading it on a sandwich, but the idea of eating it plain has some tweeters feeling totally queasy.

But at least a couple people who weighed in admitted to indulging in plain mayo themselves or having family members that enjoy the condiment by the spoonful, too.

However, many people think these women are just "pudding" on a show and it's all just a hoax.

This isn't the first time Twitter has erupted over people's food habits.

In the past few years, opinions have swept through social media questioning whether a hot dog is actually a sandwich (Merriam-Webster said it was) and even the correct way to cut toast. In February, there was an egg-splosive debate about the proper way to remove eggs from the carton.

The Golden 1 Center has yet to confirm to TODAY Food whether mayonnaise jars are sold at the arena, or if patrons are allowed to bring in their own food (or even spreads). The venue does boast a "farm to fork" menu with options such as handmade tacos, wood-fired pizza and bier hall sausage. But some fans may just prefer the simpler things in life, like eating condiments ... and nothing else.