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This video of a potato chip bag-sealing trick has over 10 million views

They make it look so easy!
/ Source: TODAY

Achieving an impenetrable seal on an open bag of potato chips (without a clip) is usually a pretty difficult feat.

Padma Lakshmi recently posted a video on Twitter of a surprisingly simple yet effective way to seal up a bag of chips. Now the truly mesmerizing clip has over 10 million views.

"How am I just finding out about this now?" the "Top Chef" host wrote on the video, which was first posted on TikTok by Heidi Tuley, aka @shine.on.darlin.

"An acquaintance of mine in high school actually showed me how to fold a bag of chips this way when we were on a bus headed to a sporting event," Tuley told TODAY Food. "I've been folding my bags of chips this way ever since and it blows people's minds every time."

The video shows a seemingly simple method for resealing an open chip bag without the use of any clips or closures. In the short video, Tuley first folds both sides of the open bag into the center, and then expertly rolls the fold into itself before tucking it into the tip of the bag. When she turns it upside down, none of the Fritos corn chips are able to escape from the tight, handmade seal.

Some people immediately tried the trick and shared videos of their own results.

"I am now a sorcerer too," user @DupreeGolf replied to Lakshmi. "I wonder what the freshness level will be compared to my current fastener."

But not all people were as adept at the chip-saving folding maneuver.

"I hate the internet," posted @mikesbloggity, along with a video that tried to mimic the original but ends up being a major fail. As soon as the bag is turned over, all of the chips immediately spill out.

Still, many others on Twitter, like user @ChaseMit, were concerned that this new trick could be a serious threat to the ever-popular chip clip.

But, in the end, one tweeter said what many chip lovers probably thought while viewing the clip.

"Who has that many left in a bag?" they posted.

In addition to being wowed by viral videos of snack-saving hacks, Lakshmi has also been posting lots of recipes and videos of what she dubs "quarantine cooking" on Instagram. In additional to hearty soups and stews, she also made a homemade taco seasoning packet with her sidekick, 10-year-old daughter Krishna.