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Cheers! This video of Ina Garten's cocktail-making bloopers will make your day

She may be a pro, but that doesn't mean she can't get a little messy sometimes.
/ Source: TODAY

Ina Garten is serving up some great news: A new season of "The Barefoot Contessa" is coming to Food Network!

And as she notes in a new Instagram video, there have been a few changes. Thanks to social isolation precautions, the show will feature greatest hits, new recipes shot on her smartphone and a few bloopers, including the ones she featured in the video!

"A NEW SEASON of Barefoot Contessa starts on Food Network this Sunday, October 25th at 12PM ET, and it's a little different this time," she writes. "We are looking back at some of my favorite recipes plus we've added new ones that I filmed all by myself on my iPhone — and as you can tell by the cocktail reel bloopers, it was crazy! So in addition to writing recipes, I get to add hair, makeup, food stylist, prop stylist, cameraperson, audio tech, AND director to my resume! I never missed my tv crew more! I hope you love the shows!"

Considering many of us have become baking and cooking fiends during this extended period of quarantining, it's reassuring to see that the kitchen mistress ("Contessa" has been on the air since 2002) has the occasional stumble here and there.

Ina Garten, doing what she does best.
Ina Garten, doing what she does best.inagarten / Instagram

And that's why we love her for showing the video: It's a collection of her swirling, shaking and stirring cocktails, along with some misplaced words and a difficulty saying "Worcestershire." (It's also fun to imagine her making all of those cocktails in one sitting and having to sip them, progressively getting tipsy along the way.)

Earlier in October, she told TODAY that she'd "lost the reason why I cook" during quarantine at first, and was "curled up in a ball in bed." We're so pleased to learn she's found the will to get up, get cooking, get drinking ... and get us laughing all over again!