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The verdict is in: We taste-tested the new vanilla cupcake M&M's

The new Vanilla Cupcake M&M's are absolutely gorgeous. But could they possibly taste as good as they look? TODAY's editors had to find out.
/ Source: TODAY

When we heard that M&M's new Easter flavor was leaked, we couldn't wait to get our candy-loving hands on them. Thankfully, they finally arrived at the TODAY office and we got to lay our eyes on perhaps the prettiest version of the chocolate candies ever: the new Vanilla Cupcake M&M's.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Made with vanilla cupcake-flavored white chocolate and coated in pastel candy shells, the Vanilla Cupcake M&M's are available only at Target — and they're absolutely gorgeous. But could they possibly taste as good as they look? TODAY's editors had to find out.

So, here's what we thought. Get ready — the opinions are strong.

Note: All of this feedback comes, of course, from a very seasoned M&M's taste-testing office.

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They certainly are beautiful!TODAY

“I think they’ve finally made an M&M for me!” – Ashley Parrish, Executive Editor

“They do taste like vanilla cupcakes. The next time you’re in the mood for a vanilla cupcake and you don’t have one handy, this is a passable substitute. Personally, I was fine with eating just a few. Anything more than that would’ve felt like cupcake overload.” – Shane Lou, Editor

“These have to be the sweetest M&M’s I’ve ever had. It’s like a mouthful of sugary frosting in every bite. I can see how these might be a little too intense for some folks. I feel like 8-year-old me would be in heaven. I’m going to the dentist tomorrow, so I should probably stop eating these.” – Zach Pagano, Multimedia Producer

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“VERDICT: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you’re craving something super sweet, these will do the trick. It’s like eating a capsule of icing covered in a hard shell. I sort of feel like the last two or three days of going to the gym are RUINED. But, they do taste like a vanilla cupcake, so that’s pretty cool. I think they're a great Easter treat. It tastes like it's one part cake and one part icing, but no regrets. But also, no more please.” – Mike Smith, Multimedia Producer

“The flavor reminds me of those vanilla-iced cupcakes with sprinkles they sell at a kids' bake sale. As soon as I finished it, I started to dial my dentist because I was convinced I just got at least two to three cavities. The texture was very dense and chewy. It was far too sweet for me.” – Danielle Brennan, Producer

Even the bag is a pretty shade of purple!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

“They taste like white chocolate. Is it white chocolate? They’re no Peanut M&M's, but they’re pretty good.” – Rheana Murray, Senior Lifestyle Reporter

“It tastes like straight sugar. They got the vanilla frosting flavor right, but it’s way too sweet for my liking. I’ll stick to my Peanut M&M's.” – Jordan Muto, Editor

“They hit you like a brick of sugar. I'll admit that they do taste like cupcakes, though!” – Nicholas Kiray, Multimedia Designer

"It's not good. It tastes like lotion." – Amy Eley, Managing Editor

“If you could take the experience of licking the cake batter straight out of a bowl and roll that all into a piece of candy —that's what a Vanilla Cupcake M&M tastes like. A bit too sweet for me but potentially addictive.” – Bianca Brosh, Editor/Producer

Vanilla cupcake MM's call for cupcakes all around!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

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“These were WAY too rich. If I didn’t know what I was eating, I would’ve guessed perfume was accidentally mixed into a bad batch of M&M's. I’ll stick with the original.” – Matthew Murray, Senior Editor

“These are literally so sweet that my teeth hurt.” – Christina Anderson, Original Video Editorial Lead

“They’re too sweet, but then again, so are original M&M's, and these don’t have as nasty an aftertaste. I’m one of those annoying people who prefers vanilla ice cream to chocolate, and vanilla sandwich cookies to chocolate Oreos. So, I think I prefer these to chocolate M&M's. But eating four or five of them makes me feel like I’ve eaten four of five vanilla cupcakes; they’re very sugary and rich.” – Rick Schindler, Editor/Producer

Bottom line: In the end, the new Vanilla Cupcake M&M's definitely left this house divided. It seems like there was no room to be only OK with the candy. People were either totally in love with them or totally not.

Almost everyone agreed that they were very sweet, but I was surprised by how many people loved them. It may have been one of the first times I've seen our editors enthusiastic enough to want to rush out and buy the product (with the exception of the Caramel Chocolate M&M's because, come one, chocolate plus caramel is always a winner).

While personally these weren't one of my favorites, TODAY's non-chocolate lovers (I know, there are crazies among us) found them utterly delightful. I will also say this — they're absolutely beautiful.