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Vasectomy cakes are a hilarious trend — and they're becoming more popular

Bakers at Signature Desserts from Tennessee created a witty cake to celebrate a milestone moment and it's part of a growing trend.
Bakery creates hilarious 'Happy Vasectomy' cake for Nashville dads and moms
/ Source: TODAY

Couples across the country are finding a surprisingly sweet way to celebrate a life-changing procedure.

Nate and Jillian Clingman, a couple with a knack for baking from Nashville, Tennessee, recently proved that there's truly a cake for every occasion with a very special order. The duo behind the bakery Signature Desserts created a “Happy Vasectomy” cake for one local mother — and the creative treat has quickly gone viral.

In early March, a fun-loving mom messaged Signature Desserts on Facebook. She wrote, “I have a strange cake request,” Nate recalled to TODAY Food.

“Once we worked out a few details regarding pickup and whatnot, she shared that it was a vasectomy cake,” the baker, who is a father-of-two, said. “I’m not sure if she expected me to take it seriously. I started laughing and told her, ‘That would be awesome.’”

The Clingmans bake around five to 10 cakes each weekend, managing orders between their day jobs. Nate handles the design and decorating work, while Jillian takes care of the actual baking.

Together, Nate and his client came up with a creative confection to make any happy dad — and plenty of people on social media — laugh. Instead of going with an obvious medical motif, Nate's design included two lemons and the phrase: “100% juice, no seeds.”

“He thought it was hilarious,” Nate told TODAY of the spouse’s response. The baker waited until the local dad had received his sweet gift so it would be a real surprise before posting the photo to Signature Desserts’ Instagram. Since posting the photo, the Clingmans have been blown away by the response.

“We’ve gotten people from all over asking us to ship [cakes] out to them,” Nate said. “The funny thing is a lot of guys are saying, ‘I never got a cake for my vasectomy, I just got an ice pack!’ So we’ve connected with some of them to suggest having their wives do a post-vasectomy cake.”

Unfortunately for those considering a vasectomy out of state, Signature Desserts currently sits under Tennessee’s “cottage bakery laws,” which means it can’t ship products. But Nate and Jillian have high hopes for turning their creative outlet into a bigger bakery.

“We do everything out of our home for now,” Nate said. “But we have aspirations for a storefront in the future, when we are finally able to make it our main priority and can quit our jobs to make it happen.”

Despite the viral reaction to Signature Desserts’ vasectomy cake, it’s certainly not the first of its kind.

A Newport, Michigan, baker created a “Snip Snip Hooray” cake last May:

And Christine Yommer, a baker from Georgia, whipped up her own “aww nuts” cake back in April 2017:

Kimberly Hemperly, a stay-at-home mom from West Richland, Washington, celebrated her husband’s vasectomy in December 2017 with a full-out party.

Hemperly had quite the spread, complete with her husband’s favorite snacks like Milk Duds, sunflower seeds, beef jerky, jelly beans and meatballs.

“The party was a surprise for my husband,” Hemperly told TODAY. “He came home from work and thought it was hilarious.”

Bakery creates hilarious 'Happy Vasectomy' cake for Nashville dads and moms
"We are thrilled to say we will NOT be adding any more tiny humans to our family," Hemperly wrote in her festive Facebook post. She has a five-year-old daughter and one-year-old son with her husband Jason Hemperly.Courtesy of Kimberly D. Hemperly

Of course, the event needed a milestone cake to match Hemperly’s festive spirit. She recruited a local friend, Emily Johns, to create the comical confection.

“The cake was made by a local friend of mine who luckily knew me and my humor,” the mom-of-two said. “She had no problem at all making it for us.”

And now that spring is in full swing, bakers may be busier than usual whipping up some creative vasectomy-themed cakes. In previous years, urologists across the country have reported an uptick in vasectomy appointments during March Madness.

“Maybe there’s, like, as many as 10 to 12 who have their vasectomies at the beginning of the tournament, so that they can have some recovery time sitting around watching TV and putting ice packs on their surgery site,” Dr. Rob Golden, a urologist based in Spokane, Washington, recently told The Spokesman-Review. He's even offering a promotion this year:

Not to be outdone, chicken chain Buffalo Wild Wings has even rolled out a special chair in two locations with a cooling feature to celebrate “Vas Madness.”

The Clingmans are in full support of the vasectomy cake trend, too.

“Most of the mom/dad cakes we’ve done have been the typical gender reveals, pretty Mother’s Day- or masculine Father’s Day-type cakes,” Nate said.

“That’s what made [the vasectomy cake] so fun. It was different than our normally requested cakes. We look forward to doing more cakes like this in the future, celebrating every milestone in life.”