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Take comfort food up a notch with 5-ingredient cheesecake, potatoes and more

Make cheesecake, chicken fingers and Hasselback potatoes even more delicious with easy 5-ingredient upgrades.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef John Whaite stops by our kitchen to share his favorite comfort-food recipes from his cookbook Perfect Plates in 5 Ingredients.

He gives cheesecake a coconut and lime twist, makes a spicy dipping sauce for crispy chicken fingers and adds garlic and gooey, melty cheese to Hasselback potatoes.

The idea of coating chicken in breakfast cereal may seem fairly childish, but actually the results are so pleasing. And besides: Cornflakes are used a lot for coating chicken, so I refuse to be embarrassed by this recipe. With the pungent and piquant dip, this is such a comforting treat.

There is hardly anything cozier than a baked potato. It's all in the simple perfection of it: crispy, golden skin encasing a fluffy, buttery interior. This version marries my favorite spud preparation — Hasselback potatoes from Sweden — with those buttery beauties that I've relied on for decades.

Coconut Macaroon and Lime Cheesecake

On one of my particularly greedy afternoons I was nibbling on a batch of store-bought coconut macaroons, and thought they were a little dry. I raided the fridge and found cream cheese and lime curd, so I put them both to good use. The idea for this came instantly, and the next day I had to get down to work. The trick to an utterly delicious macaroon base is to combine the coconut with melted marshmallows before baking. And since marshmallows are a great setting agent, I used them for the filling, too, so there is no need to bake it.

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