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A unique cooking school fosters cultural learning (deliciously)

Meet the immigrant women who share their cooking secrets with the League of Kitchens school, plus get an easy Trinidadian recipe for dal.
/ Source: TODAY

Ever wanted to learn to cook authentic Korean, Afghan, Lebanese, Greek, Trinidadian, Bangladeshi, Indian or Argentine food? Then you need to check out the League of Kitchens. This unique New York City cooking school takes students into the homes of immigrants from various countries, where they learn to cook and also take part in what League of Kitchens founder and CEO Lisa Gross calls "an experience that uses food and cooking as a conduit for cultural learning and cross-cultural exchange." Watch the video to learn more about the inspiration for the school and to get a taste of Trinidadian home cooking with Dolly Sirju (who also shares her super-easy recipe for dal).

Trinidadian Dal (Yellow Split Peas)

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Trinidadian Dal (Yellow Split Peas)

Dolly Sirju and the League of Kitchens