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Spill the beans! UK village is on the hunt for bean-dumping vandal

Bean there, dumped that.
Illustration of a can of beans being spilled
TODAY Illustration / Getty Images

A U.K. village is searching for answers after a recent string of leguminous crimes.

The local police department for Surrey, a county in southeast England, said on Aug. 13 that local officers had received reports of incidents where "beans and other food" had been poured onto the "front doors and cars" of residents overnight in the village of Wonersh.

Photos posted by the department show empty cans of what appear to be Heinz baked beans on one doorstep and a car covered in baked beans.

"The victims are understandably distressed by this unacceptable behavior," the department wrote on Facebook. The department asked any residents with knowledge of the incidents to reach out. "Local officers will be patrolling the area and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious," concluded the post.

The post drew some anger and comments about the nature of the crime (and the waste of perfectly good beans!) — but also led to plenty of laughs.

"I hope someone spills the beans on who it might be," commented one person.

"In Heinz sight it could have bean worse," added a second.

"Please keep us up to date with how your investigation has BEAN progressing," joked a third.

The department has not updated their social media pages with any additional information, so it seems the bean vandal is still on the loose. But those in the comment section seem to have faith that the department will eventually find the culprit.

"The law will ketchup to them," wrote one person.

"When the car owner finds the culprits they're toast!!!" said another person, referencing the classic British meal of beans on toast.

"If yall don't call the culprit a 'has-bean' when you catch them I will be so disappointed...," joked another.