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Spice up hot holiday drinks with these delicious edible candles

Light a candle, let the wax liquify and then pour it into a steaming cup of hot cocoa for extra flavor.
Smith & Sinclair, a UK-based candy company that ships internationally, makes edible candles to spice up hot holiday drinks.
Smith & Sinclair, a UK-based candy company that ships internationally, makes edible candles to spice up hot holiday drinks.Smith & Sinclair
/ Source: TODAY

Willy Wonka, take a seat.

Smith & Sinclair, a London-based confectionary company, is known for creating delightfully delicious treats and novelty items with an adult spin. Its most recent innovation, however, is a truly head-turning snack ... if one can call it that: introducing edible candles designed to add a little kick to plain hot chocolate and other cold weather libations.

The Flaming Hot Choc candles come in two flavors: Spiced Orange and Candy Cane Peppermint.

With hints of orange, clove and cinnamon, this edible candle can be poured into hot beverages to give it a holiday edge.Smith & Sinclair

Depending on what kind of seasonal beverage you enjoy, the wax could technically be added to almost anything warm, however, the folks at Smith & Sinclair recommend pouring just 2 teaspoons of the liquified wax (it has to burn a little first) into the hot drink of choice. A spiced-orange chai latte does sound pretty great to us! Just make sure the drink is hot and stays pretty warm, otherwise the wax will solidify — and it will not be pretty.

Both candles, which are just over 3 ounces each, are actually vegan (no beeswax, here!), as they are made with just raw cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil and essential oils. One candle has enough wax for about 10 servings to fortify festive drinks.

Mix two teaspoons of hot candle wax into hot cocoa, hot toddies, hot cider and more.Smith & Sinclair

The Candy Cane Peppermint flavor is made with just three ingredients: raw cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil and peppermint oil extract. The Spiced Orange candle wax includes mandarin oil, blood orange oil, nutmeg extract, cinnamon oil and clove oil.

Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietician and nutritionist, creator of and author of "Read It Before You Eat It - Taking You from Label to Table," confirmed to TODAY Food that the ingredients in these candles are indeed safe to eat but does not advise taking a big bite out of the candles, no matter how good they may smell.

"Fats like coconut oil and and cocoa butter are mostly saturated fat. The Dietary Guidelines and Heart Association suggest that we keep saturated fats to no more than 10 percent of our total calories," Taub-Dix told TODAY Food.

Of course, adding extra fat to hot drinks has been a trendy food fad lately.

Jessica Biel incorporated decaf coffee with grass-fed butter and coconut oil (aka Bulletproof coffee) into her morning ritual, as have countless others since the drink first hit the scene in 2015. So it's OK to enjoy these buttery beverages, but nutritionists do advise enjoying them sparingly.

Edible candles aren't the only wild creations Smith & Sinclair has whipped up to be the life of the party. Instead of Everlasting Gobstoppers, this confectionary has alcoholic cocktail gummies. According to a company spokesperson, each candy has half a shot of liquor and, at 7 percent ABV, they do pack a real punch.

The company also makes drinkable perfumes that can be added to cocktails for some extra flavor, or even licked straight off the skin. The scents (or flavors?) include Cherry Blossom & Mandarin, Watermelon & Citrus and Pear & Vanilla.

The Flaming Hot Choc candles cost 15 pounds (about $19) each and are available to ship to the U.S. for about $15 per order. They've already sold out once this season but, currently, the website has a limited stock that a Smith & Sinclair spokesperson said they expect will be available for holiday orders.