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Tyra Banks shares everything she eats in a day and it's not what you'd think

The supermodel and legendary queen shared — in excruciating detail — what she typically eats everyday as part of an interview with Harper's Bazaar.
/ Source: TODAY

Tyra Banks is coming clean about what exactly she eats in a day and her menu is not what you'd expect from a supermodel.

In a video interview with Harper's Bazaar posted on April 3, Banks got into detail — and we mean vivid detail — about what she normally consumes and revealed that she put on about 30 pounds since appearing on the cover of "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" last year.


"I love me some coffee," she explained, facing the camera and decked out in a men's blazer and a beret from ModelLand, the immersive attraction she is set to open in Santa Monica, California. After explaining how she likes her coffee beans infused with flavor, she goes on to break down her usual meal.

"Lately I've been doing a bagel," she said, revealing that she has a special method for preparing her food.

Banks then explained how she scoops out the extra bread in her bagel, putting all the extra "bagelization" on the side and filling up the '"moat" she's created with whipped cream cheese.

But she's not done just yet.

"I take that plate of that moated cream-cheesed bagel and I put it inside of the microwave and I shut the door and I set it for 20 seconds," she explained, saying that heating it up gives the cream cheese "a slightly tart flavor."

Tyra said she then blows on it and takes a bite, getting cream cheese on her face.

"And then I lick it and I lick it until it is all gone," she said dramatically as producers laughed in the background.


Since she's working nonstop at ModelLand, Banks said she often doesn't have time to break for lunch so she will raid the "snack box." She said she struggles to decide between everything — from corn chips to sesame bars to natural licorice or cauliflower puffs.

"Sometimes I want every single one of those..." she said, explaining how she opens every bag and eats all of them "until there's like nine bags in front of me and I feel disgusting." She went on to reveal she has an "interesting relationship with food."


When it comes to dinner, Banks has a fun ritual she calls "special and indulgent." She said she orders the same things from two different restaurants and does a taste test.

"I do it with my son, I do it with my man, we line it up and we score the different restaurants with the same items," she explained.

She said that's the best way to know where to order from in the future because "one of them is always nasty."

At the end of the video interview, Banks even divulged her recipe for "Sriracha maple bacon jerky candied yum."

"It is almost like candy it is so good," she added.


The response to Banks' unique interview on Twitter was immediate, and opinions ranged from scathing to amused.

"i cannot emphasize enough that the prompt here was 'tell us what you typically eat in a day,'" posted one Twitter user, making fun of the extreme detail Banks used.

"I can’t decide which is more unhinged here, the delivery or the content of this," replied another commenter.

Others felt that Banks' delivery was definitely theatrical and reminiscent of her "America's Next Top Model" days.

Another user said what we were all thinking when it comes to the queen of "smizing."

"I strive to be this extra," said the fan.

In May 2019, Banks graced the cover of "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit," the magazine that turned her into a supermodel when she landed the cover in 1997. Wearing a yellow string bikini, she was in incredible shape for a 45-year-old — or any-year-old, honestly — but admitted in the video that lately, working hard has led her to make not the most healthy food choices.

"So I'm 30 pounds heavier," Banks said in the video with a shrug. "And it'll come off one day. But not today."