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Twitter users debate the best stovetop burner

Be honest, it's OK to play favorites when it comes to your own kitchen appliances.
/ Source: TODAY

It may be perfectly acceptable to put some tasks on the back burner, but according to some very vocal home cooks on Twitter, it's best to put your simmering pots and pans on the bottom right burner.

Now that many of the country's most beloved restaurants are closed or restricted to takeout, more people have been cooking meals at home.

Recently, one Twitter user reignited the debate over which stovetop burner is the most desirable. Although it may seem like a silly thing to get fired up about (pun intended), many argued that if you're truly "adulting," you definitely have a preference.

"Which is your favorite stove top burner?" asked Jason — aka @mrmess — on Twitter. "Mine is back left."

Jason's query received a flood of responses, with many shaking their heads that this question was even open for discussion.

The front right was — by far — the favorite, but plenty of people made the case for a more analytical approach to selecting the correct cooking surface.

In a Twitter poll posted by @mrmess in an effort to settle the debate, the front right was a hot favorite with 54% of the vote. Front left came in at a strong second with 36.5%, while back right and back left tied with 4.7% each.

While many stoves come with a stronger front right burner, aspiring chefs and quarantined foodies cited many reasons for their varied burner preferences, including whether you were right or left-handed. Others were pointed out it depends on what you were cooking (ie. sautéing and frying should be done in the front, while one should simmer sauces on the back burners).

Even James Corden weighed in on the debate, seemingly coming out of left field, with his choice.

And while most people could not understand the original poster's preference for the back left (he later admitted it was because his stove is old with four equal-sized burners), one person actually made a safety-related case for putting things on the back burner.

Now that you've stocked up on pantry staples and got some time on your hands, why not fire up your favorite burner?

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