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Creamy goodness or absolute terror? Mayo ice cream divides social media

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and ... mayo?!
/ Source: TODAY

Has there ever been a condiment as divisive as mayonnaise?

After all, mayo has spurred viral food debates on more than one occasion. But this time, the condiment has creeped its way into dessert. And the cool and creamy creation is causing quite the stir.

While unicorn ice cream may be the hottest ice cream stateside, ICE artisan ice cream shop in Falkirk, Scotland, recently asked its social media followers what they thought of its latest "weird" flavor which features scoopfuls of Hellmann's Real mayonnaise.

"Who knows a mayo addict?" the ice cream makers asked social media.

Some tweeters weren't so quick to judge, noting that egg-based mayo ice cream isn't so far off from custard and may actually be delightful.

Others said it could make the recipe extra light and creamy, like when you add it to cake.

But others are finding the flavor outrageous ... and just want to wash away the mere thought of it.

ICE Falkirk doesn't just use condiments to whip up its beautiful ice cream flavors. They currently have a Monster energy drink ice cream and a mysterious "Trick or Treat" flavor. The mayo flavor is currently on sale now and retails for 2 pounds (about $2.60) a scoop.

To put an end to the mayonnaise debate (or maybe just add more fuel to the fire), ICE owner Kyle Gentleman told TODAY Food what the dessert really tastes like. It's a "full on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy milky aftertaste ... yum!"

For those who are afraid to try Hellman's ice cream, there's always this mayonnaise beauty hack to try instead! But if you really, really love mayo, why not just enjoy the condiment by spoonful, straight from the jar.