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Tweeters are sharing their 'worst depression meal' in a funny viral post

Chik-fil-A sauce on toast, peanuts in milk, ice soup and more shocking "depression meals" have surfaced in the new viral tweet thread.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes, for whatever reason, shopping for fresh groceries just isn't in the cards.

And while eating healthy on a budget is certainly doable, there are some days when you might not have the strength to whip something up.

On a quest for some camaraderie, or perhaps just a little brutal honesty, one Twitter user posed a question to fellow tweeters who may have been avoiding a trip to the market for far too long — or at least been a college freshman who hadn't yet realized affordable, easy-to-eat snacks from Trader Joe's existed.

"Hey y’all please reply with the worst depression meal you’ve ever is my abomination, toast with chick fil a sauce," the tweeter wrote on Monday, along with a very questionable photo of the "meal."

Tweeters have since gone totally nuts with their own responses.

Some provided well curated lists. Poetic? Perhaps.

One particularly sad "depression meal" included white bread with ice ... yup, just ice.

Another person took no shame in eating a cookie off the floor. Hey, that's what the five (er, 15?) second rule is for.

Some went straight for whatever packaged food was left in their cupboard.

And one tweeter ate nothing but air.

While tons of people partook in the posts, some just couldn't bring themselves to share the truth.

Hey, we've all been there buddy. The original tweet has since been liked over 50,000 times and garnered 5,000 comments.